Trip to Southern Vietnam

Well, I have just finished my trip to the South of Vietnam. In Saigon, I did not find many places to see apart from the War Museum. Therefore, as my friend recommendation, I hopped on a couple of organized tours via EVIVA Tour Viet Nam, one to Cu Chi tunnel – Tay Ninh temple for 1 day and another to the Mekong Delta for 3 days.

Cu Chi Tunnels-1

In the first tour, I found out Cao Dai was a very strange religion which had millions of followers in the South. It was a combination of Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism and they had a Pope. It was so strange that they also revered Victor Hugo in the temple. The Cu Chi tunnel was a network of tunnels that made me impressed by the intelligence and brave of Vietnamese in the War.

Cao Dai Great Temple

The tour to Mekong Delta gave me an interesting insight to the way people live on the rivers of the area. I was fascinated by the image of boundless water in this Western site. There were interlacing canals and unwinding rivers lushly forested by green melaleuca trees, reeds or mangroves. I had a wonderful trip to Dong Thap Muoi with a barefoot trip on the meandering concrete road of over 1m through exuberant melaleuca forest or muddy roads covered in piled leaves.

Mekong Delta River, Can Tho

Machine canoe was offered to carry me to marshes of pink lotus at their peak. Putting the water, the canoe approached shrubs of lotus and water lily leaves, seed cups, stems, pinky lotus petals or mildly violet water lily blooms. A trip of 2 – 3 hours on the boat was undoubted short of my effusive expectations to discover every single corner of the marsh.

On reaching the Phoenix Island, My Tho, I could see a factory of Ben Tre coconut candies. Woman of adept skills gracefully performed the cutting and packaging of candies into labeled nylon packs. Such candies added with a wide array of flavors of milk, durian or taro. In the residence of the Coconut Cult founder, I had chances to somehow imagine the former splendor of the landscape through nine dragon-coiled pillars to represent the Mekong River…

I cannot forget the feeling of sitting on a boat to travel under the green foliages; I even seemed able to pleasantly touch waving plants on the banks. Now I’m excited to explore the North of Viet Nam.

By Isabelle from United Kingdom