Charming Dak Nong in Central Highlands

Dak Nong belongs to the southwest frontier of fatherland, lying in the southwest of the Central Highlands, at the end of the Truong Son mountain chain. The province connects the economic region in the central coastal provinces and the southern key economic area. Along with its rich natural resources and abundant human resources, Dak Nong takes advantage of its favorable conditions for tourism development in particular and social – economic development in general.


Dak Nong owns abundant natural resources such as cool and fresh climate, pristine and tropical jungles which house rare species of plants and animals, beautiful and unique natural landscapes, especially sixteen primitive waterfalls scattered around the region such as Dray Sap, Gia Long, Trinh Nu, Luu Ly, Gau, Ngam, Dak G’Lun and seven – floor waterfall. Natural forests in Dak Nong account for about 53% of the total area, including many special forests with high level of biodiversity, Nam Nung and Ta Dung conservation zones. In the future, further investments will be focused on making Ta Dung conservation zone become a popular eco – tourism site on a national scale with unique and diversified tourism products.

Dak Nong is also famous for the Space of Gong Culture in Central Highlands recognized by UNESCO as Intangible World Heritage of Humanity. Dak Nong is home to 41 ethnic minorities. With its long history, culture diversity, traditions and human resource, Dak Nong has great potential for tourism products such as resorts, sightseeing and tracking.


Tourism plays an important role in provincial economic development schemes. Thus, a number of policies have been issued to support tourism development, attracting investment and promoting tourism products in Nam Nung, Dak G’lun and Gia Nghia.

Responding to National Tourism Year Central Highlands – Dalat 2016, Dak Nong planned to participate in the opening ceremony and closing ceremony of National Tourism Year; Cultural Tourism in Central Highlands Expo and organize Dak Nong Cultural Tourism Week with the theme “Discover M’nong plateau”.

Thanks to potential resources and careful strategic planning, Eviva believes that Dak Nong will soon become an ideal tourist destination in Central Highlands.