Wie gelingt eine perfekte Geschäftsreise nach Vietnam?

Vietnam is a beautiful country. It takes time to explore this country because there are thousands of fascinating landscapes and full of cultural resources. But what if you do not have enough time to travel to Vietnam? For example, you have to go to Vietnam to do some businesses and you have a little free time, what should you do? In this blog, I will show you how to get a flawless trip to Vietnam while doing business for a short time.

Stellen Sie sicher, dass Sie ein Vietnam-Visum haben


Before your trip, you should remember to take a Vietnam visa first. One of the fastest ways to take it is to get an online visa. You can come to this website: https://www.getvisavietnam.com and all you need to do is fill out the online visa form, choose the services and pay the visa fee. I picked the normal service and I would receive the approval letter via my email just 2 days later. In order to save time, so that I might travel more, I made a reservation of Ankunft Fast Track Service und Abholung vom Flughafenauto. Both 2 extra services had helped me to get to my hotel sooner and easier. As a result, I can save a lot of time to do my business, and also spend time discovering exciting Vietnam.

Erstellen Sie eine Aufgabenliste für Ihr Unternehmen

You have to make sure that you could do everything for your business. In my opinion, making a to-do list will help you remember what you have to do so that you can avoid missing any work. Furthermore, it helps you estimate your leisure time to schedule for your own trip.

Wählen Sie Ihr Lieblingsziel

You have to decide where you want to go and make an itinerary for it. For example, I had a business in Hanoi so I could choose to visit the center of Hanoi or the famous and remarkable spots in Hanoi. It depends on the square time that you could travel more or less. But first, you have to decide on the location you want to go to. You might choose famed areas or read reviews on the Internet to pick easier. In addition, you can search for some destinations which are suitable for your character as well.

Buchen Sie eine tägliche Tour

In fact, I knew that I did not have enough time to make a detailed plan for my own trip. So I decided to book a daily tour to get to my destination which is Halong Bay. I just needed to book a tour and pay a fee. The tour included all services such as car pick up, cruise fee, lunch, and dinner, activities at the bay. You can reach some cruises’ websites and make an online reservation. There are a lot of cruises in Halong Bay and I would recommend some reliable cruises that you can book directly on their websites like Genesis, the Glory Legend, Bai Tho Junk.

Halong Bay, Vietnam

Moreover, you also can refer to some other daily tours to several well-known destinations as well if you have enough time such as Ninh Binh, Nha Trang, Saigon, etc. In addition, I recommend you to visit this link because they have numerous daily tours that might attract you: https://www.saigontourism.com.vn/suggested-itinerary/

It is better for you to travel while doing business. It will help you relax and refresh your energy to increase the working quality.