Vietnam mit Kindern – Die besten Orte für einen Familienurlaub in Vietnam

Vietnam is quickly becoming one of the most popular family travel destinations in Southeast Asia. With its stunning natural landscapes, fascinating culture and cuisine, and general affordability, Vietnam offers an amazing opportunity for families to bond while exploring this vibrant country. Here is a closer look at why Vietnam is a toller Ort für einen Familienurlaub and the best destinations to include on your itinerary.

Halbtägige Tour durch die Cu-Chi-Tunnel

Why is Vietnam a great family holiday destination?

There are several key factors that make Vietnam an excellent choice for traveling with children:

Sicherheit und Schutz

Vietnam is generally very safe for families to visit. Violent crime is rare, particularly in the main tourist centers, and the country has stable governance. As long as you take normal safety precautions, Vietnam offers very secure family travel conditions.


The cost of traveling in Vietnam is highly affordable compared to many other international destinations. Accommodation, food, transportation and activities cater well to family budgets.

Gesund und hygienisch

Vietnam’s tropical climate means diseases are rare and health care is good and accessible in urban centers. Hygiene standards at hotels and restaurants are high.

Reihe von Aktivitäten

From exploring colonial quarters to zip-lining through mountain forests, Vietnam offers endless options for family fun. There are activities to excite every age and interest.

Faszinierende Kultur und Küche

Vietnam’s unique culture and mouthwatering cuisine add color and vibrance to any family visit. Kids and parents alike will enjoy sampling pho noodle soup or banh mi sandwiches. Vietnamese culture is warm and welcoming to foreigners.

Is Vietnam suitable for kids?

Absolutely! Vietnam is very accommodating for family travel with children of all ages. Here’s why Vietnam is suitable for kids:

  • Most hotels allow children to stay for free or a minimal extra fee. Family rooms are easily available.
  • Health care facilities in major cities are excellent. Hospitals have modern equipment and English-speaking doctors. Pharmacies are abundant.
  • Vietnamese cuisine is fresh and easy to enjoy for kids. Noodle soups, spring rolls and tropical fruits appeal to young taste buds.
  • Private tour guides can be hired to help maneuver children around cities, temples and outdoor areas in a kid-friendly way.
  • Many activities like boat cruises, water parks, amusement parks and interactive museums cater well to children’s preferences.
  • Vietnamese people love children and are very welcoming to kids. Children often get special attention and gifts.
  • Vietnam’s warm climate means kids can comfortably enjoy outdoor time year-round.

With proper precautions, Vietnam’s engaging culture, tasty food and range of family-oriented activities make it an exceptional choice for family holidays.

7 best places for a family holiday in Vietnam


  • Besuchen Sie das Mausoleum von Ho Chi Minh und den Literaturtempel
  • Enjoy a cyclo tour of the Old Quarter’s 36 streets
  • Essen Sie beliebte Streetfood-Gerichte wie Pho und Banh Mi
  • Sehen Sie sich ein Wasserpuppentheater an
  • Machen Sie einen Tagesausflug in die Halong-Bucht oder in die umliegenden Dörfer

Halong Bay

  • Fahren Sie durch das smaragdgrüne Wasser mit seinen Kalksteininseln
  • Fahren Sie mit dem Kajak zu spektakulären Grotten und Lagunen
  • Machen Sie familienfreundliche Aktivitäten wie Schwimmen und Tintenfischangeln
  • Verbringen Sie eine Nacht auf einer traditionellen Dschunke


  • Fahren Sie mit dem Zug hinauf zur nebligen Bergkulisse von Sapa
  • Wandern Sie durch Reisterrassen und übernachten Sie in Gastfamilien von Bergvölkern
  • Besuchen Sie lebhafte lokale Märkte mit handgefertigtem Kunsthandwerk
  • Fahren Sie mit der legendären Fansipan-Seilbahn und genießen Sie atemberaubende Ausblicke

Hoi An

  • Bestaunen Sie die farbenfrohen Laternen, die bei Nacht leuchten
  • Stellen Sie maßgeschneiderte Kleidung her
  • Nehmen Sie an einem Kochkurs teil und lernen Sie, vietnamesische Gerichte zuzubereiten
  • Radeln Sie durch Reisfelder und entspannen Sie am An Bang Beach

Phu Quoc

  • Entspannen Sie an langen Sandstränden mit warmem türkisfarbenem Wasser
  • Schnorcheln oder tauchen Sie in Korallenriffen voller Meereslebewesen
  • Besuchen Sie eine Perlenfarm oder eine Fischsaucenfabrik
  • Wandern Sie durch die Regenwälder von Phu Quoc

Vung Tau

  • Toben Sie an den weitläufigen Stränden am Südchinesischen Meer
  • Fahren Sie mit der Seilbahn Ba Son hoch über der Küstenstadt
  • Besuchen Sie buddhistische Tempel, die in die Berghänge gehauen sind
  • Genießen Sie frische und erschwingliche Meeresfrüchte

Da Lat

  • Besichtigen Sie malerische Täler und Wasserfälle rund um Vietnams Bergstation
  • Fahren Sie mit der Rodel-Achterbahn an den Datanla Falls
  • Machen Sie Canyoning und Abseilen durch bewaldete Schluchten
  • Entspannen Sie sich im kühlen Klima bei Erdbeertee und lokalen Produkten

Each of these destinations has amazing sights, activities, cuisine and culture for families to experience together. With great weather year-round, Vietnam offers endless opportunities for family bonding and fun.

Tipps für Reisen mit Kindern in Vietnam

Um das Ultimative zu gewährleisten Familienurlaub in Vietnam, here are some helpful tips:

1. Plan ahead: Research the best destinations, attractions, and activities suitable for kids in Vietnam. Look for family-friendly hotels and accommodations that offer amenities like children’s pool or kids’ clubs.

2. Pack smart: Make sure to carry essential items like sunscreen, mosquito repellent, hats, and comfortable clothing for your kids. Also, pack some snacks and entertainment such as books, toys, or electronic devices for long journeys.

3. Take it slow: Vietnam can be a culture shock for kids, so take your time and allow them to adjust to the new environment. Avoid overpacking your itinerary, and give them plenty of breaks and downtime.

4. Prepare for the weather: Vietnam has a tropical climate, so make sure to dress your kids appropriately. Keep them hydrated, especially during hot and humid days.

5. Be cautious with food and water: Stick to bottled water and ensure your kids avoid tap water. Also, be mindful of street food and opt for reputable restaurants to minimize the risk of foodborne illnesses.

6. Take safety precautions: Keep your kids close to you in crowded places and be cautious of traffic, which can be chaotic in some cities. Consider using child harnesses or carriers for young children.

7. Engage in educational experiences: Visit cultural museums, historical sites, and even workshops or cooking classes that are suitable for kids. This will enhance their understanding of the Vietnamese culture and provide fun and educational activities.

8. Use local transportation wisely: Vietnam has various transportation options, including buses, trains, and boats. However, be cautious with long journeys and opt for more comfortable options like flights or private cars if needed.

9. Embrace the local culture: Encourage your kids to learn a few basic Vietnamese phrases and engage with the locals. This will create a more immersive and enjoyable experience for them.

10. Stay flexible and open-minded: Travelling with kids can be unpredictable, so be prepared for any changes or challenges that may arise. Stay flexible with your plans and adapt to their needs and interests.

With some preparation for kids’ needs, Vietnam can make an absolutely magical destination for family holidays. The warmth of Vietnamese culture, wealth of activities and comforts of modern tourism infrastructure allow families to easily enjoy this beautiful country.

Häufig gestellte Fragen

Is the food safe for children to eat?

Yes, Vietnamese cuisine is generally very fresh and hygienic. Avoid raw foods and be selective when eating street food. Kids tend to enjoy pho noodle soup, spring rolls and tropical fruits.

Can we get baby supplies there?

Yes, main cities have stores selling international brand diapers, wipes, formula and baby food. Some supplies are also widely available at minimarts. Hotels provide sterilized water, baby cots and more.

Will kids get bored?

Absolutely not! Vietnam offers amazing interactive activities from water parks to cooking classes that appeal to all ages. There are playgrounds, zip lines, water sports and endless sights to captivate children.

Is Vietnam’s climate hot for kids?

Vietnam can be quite hot in the south but the climate is tempered by sea breezes. Dalat’s cooler highland climate offers respite. Hats, umbrellas, water and regular breaks will keep kids comfortable. The dry winter months are ideal for travel.

Can we get around on our own?

Certainly, but hiring a private car and guide takes the headache out of logistics and language barriers. Taxis are very affordable if you just need quick transfers. Organized tour groups for families are also an excellent option.

Are there health risks?

Vietnam is very safe if you take proper precautions with water, hygiene, etc. Ensure your children’s routine immunizations are up to date. The main risks are dehydration and stomach bugs which are easily managed. Vietnam has excellent medical care in cities.

With smart preparation, there is very little risk to children’s health and safety in Vietnam. The rewards of discovering this culturally rich, family-friendly country far outweigh any concerns.


From lively cities to tropical beaches, Vietnam offers endless possibilities for an unforgettable family holiday. Temples, markets, food tours, jungle treks and more promise engaging activities for all ages. Vietnam’s safety, affordability, culture and cuisine create ideal conditions for family travel. With appropriate precautions, Vietnam is highly suitable for kids and has many destinations catering to families. The Vietnamese people adore children, so families can expect very welcoming experiences. Exploring Vietnam together will give children exposure to a fascinating Asian culture while creating wonderful shared memories.