Dinge auf einer Reise vor gehen

Sie sind aufgeregt fragen, zu reisen, aber auch das, was sollte und was nicht eine perfekte Reise haben sollten bereit sein,. Eviva Vietnam-Tour is pleased to give some suggestions about what you should and should not do when traveling.

Dinge auf einer Reise vor gehen

You should not:

+ Do not leave important or expensive things in 2 sides or front of suitcase. Since it is convenient for thieves and you cannot always hold your luggage.

+ Not to elbow others out in the way to plane, train, car ??? because it is chance for thieves.

You should:

+ Should prepare a list of names and addresses of relatives and friends on a piece of paper and stick them on where you feel it is convenience.

+ Should buy the small and multi-functional cosmetic product which is just enough for your trip.

+ Should put your wallet in front or left side pocket. You canfoolthieves by leaving an empty wallet in your back pocket.

Need to bring more:

+ Lemon: Lemon is a good fruit to help you relax and help detoxify. Put lemon in your bath or rub lemon juice on insect bites to make a quick recovery.

+ Personal Bag: Buy a small bag to store small personal items which will be used frequently.

You should bring latest photos of your kids. If they get lost or separated from you in a crowed public place, the photo will help police find your children easier than when you describe in words, . Especially when you travel abroad, it is hard to communicate in foreign language.

+ Wasser: The long flight can cause your body become dehydrated. So remember to ask stewardess for a drink even when you are not thirsty. Besides remember to buy some bottles of water before going to amusement park. There are some places in park sell water but is certainly not cheap. This is also true when you to beaches and other tourist attraction places.

Wet wipe, sunscreen: Bring wipes to keep your body clean, not smelly and always feeling cool. Sunscreen helps to protect your skin when traveling to areas with hot weather.

Radio, personal music players, books, and magazines: These items will help you relax in the moving process and during vacations. Price for radio, personal music player (MP3, MP4) is not too expensive nowadays. With a personal radio, you can listen to any channel, any time you like without disturbing the person next to you.

Send email to yourself

Please email to yourself all the documents and important information such as flight number, credit card number, Reisepass, driving license….so if you lose them , you just need one click to your email .

Mark the suitcase

To avoid confusion with the other suitcase or lost your luggage, you should mark your suitcase with stickers or signs. If traveling with family, you should buy suitcases for members with the same color.