Vam Sat Ecological tourist center

Located in Can Gio District, Vam Sat lies between the two rivers Vam Sat and Long Tau. The area used to belong to Dong Nai Province before being merged into Ho Chi Minh City in 1978. During resistance war against American invaders, Vam Sat was destroyed by bombs and defoliants, yet it’s now having the most gorgeous world biosphere reserve of mangrove forest, thanks to a reforestation program launched in 1996.

Vam Sat Ecological tourist center

Insight into the Salt-Marsh Forest Ecological Tourist Zone

There’s a wide variety of activities which are offered at Vam Sat Tourist Center, of which both ecological and recreational aspects are included. The basis tour must include observing the unique ecological system of mangrove forest, visiting Bat Swamp, crocodile farm and also bird-watching. For instance, Bat Swamp is one attraction that visitors can find the natural beautiful scenery of flying foxes hanging themselves behind the foliages of high mangroves. Particularly, the most exciting activity in Bat Swamp is crab angling, which adds more flavours to ones’ meals. In addition, crocodile farm would be quite thrilling to nervous people while seeing them devour the fish you cast over and looking at their red greedy eyes.

Even at night, people still don’t find it boring since they can join common life activities of fishermen like catching crabs or shrimps (soi ba khia and xo tom). Camp fire or karaoke singing aren’t bad ideas though, especially for group of travelers or team building tours.

How to get there

It takes about 3 hours to go to this site by motorbikes or cars. The route is quite simple: follow Nguyen Tat Thanh Street (District 7), pass Binh Khanh Ferry, and keep going ahead the only-road to Can Gio Sea for about 15km, then turn right at Ly Nhon three-way crossroads. After that, go ahead and pass Vam Sat Bridge, turn left at Goc Tre Bridge and the tourism center is just there.

Another direction is by passing Hiep Phuoc – Doi Lau Boat, which is suitable for motorbike-goers only.

Public transportation to Vam Sat is also available by taking bus number 20 at Ben Thanh Bus Station to Binh Khanh Ferry. After the ferry trip, tourists have to take bus routine Binh Khanh – Can Thanh and drop off at Dan Xay Bridge to arrive at Vam Sat Station. Here a boating trip of scenic view is awaiting tourists.

Sailboat has just been added to the list of transporting to Vam Sat tourist center, which departs from Bach Dang Wharf in District 1, early in the morning.