Hoi An, a new destination for Western retirees

They have all chosen Hoi An over other destinations in the world in search of the perfect lifestyle, and Hoi An offers exactly this, beautiful beach, cheap cost of living, good weather, nice locals and great food, just to mention a few of the reasons.

Hoi An, a new destination for Western retirees

For a lot of Westerners, it’s a chance for them to fully enjoy their retirement as the cost of living in Western countries is very high in comparison. In Hoi An, a couple can live very well with a budget of less than US$1,000 a month including rent and eating out daily.

Gary Dempsey, an Australian retiree who has lived in Hoi An over a year, said: “I have lived in Hoi An now for 18 months, people ask me why? It’s simple, the beauty and serenity of the town and the friendliness of its people.”

Another trend is expatriates from HCMC and Hanoi now relocating to Hoi An with their families to benefit from a better quality of life and escape the noise and pollution. This was made possible thanks to the opening of an international school three years ago. Additionally, thanks to the rapid extension of Danang, the area benefits from a more and more well connected international airport.

Thien Nguyen and Elke Ray along with their children have bought a plot of land and are currently building their house at An Bang beach, three kilometers from the center of Hoi An.

Their reason to make Hoi An their new home: “Searching for a healthier and natural way of life.”

John Rawlins, an Australian retiree, said: “My wife and I decided to retire to Hoi An after visiting here on several previous occasions. Hoi An is definitely the jewel in the crown of Asian holiday destinations. We have over the years visited almost all of Asia and have found Hoi An the best place to retire and enjoy life. The climate is similar to what we are used to, the cost of living here is very reasonable and the people are wonderful.”

Hoi An has so much to offer by way of great restaurants, many beaches, local culture and many people who are happy to help expats like us feel welcome and at home in their country.

Housing is affordable and there are many new houses, homestays and hotels being built here.

There are great backup services in the World Heritage-listed city of Hoi An like top class hospitals and all one could expect from a township on the move forward, also Hoi An being so close to Danang makes accessible to anywhere easy.