Ba Trai Dao Islet

To arrive at Ba Trai Dao Islet, one of the most well-known attractions of Halong Bay, visitors must probably spend from 9 to 10 hours on the cruise. This complex of three interesting mountains located 22 km away to the south of Bai Chay Tourist Wharf. From afar, the three of them magically resemble the image of three giant peaches – a fact that accounts for the name “Ba Trai Dao” which literally means three peaches in Vietnamese.

Ba Trai Dao Islet

The height of up to 23 meters gives the islet a majestic beauty.


Upon your arrival, you will be even more enchanted to learn about the myth underlying the unique name of Ba Trai Dao Islet. It is often said that once upon a time, there was a very young and beautiful fairy who came to Halong and fell in love with a poor fisherman. Her deep love empowered her to do something she had never thought of: stealing the eternal peaches from the heaven to give to her lovers so that they can live forever together. However, when she was waiting for the fisherman at the place where we see Ba Trai Dao Islet today, the King of Heaven showed up. It turned out that he had known everything about the robbery. The king of heaven turned the three peaches into three stone islands and forced the young fairy to return to heaven. Too desperate and helpless, the young fairy abode.

Nowadays, Ba Trai Dao Islet becomes a famous tourist magnet. This Islet is extremely famous for its three fairy-like beaches, each of which embracesa small island. The combination of themountains, the white sand and the ocean gives this spot an unprecedented romantic landscape. However, if you wish to visit Ba Trai Dao Islet, do some research in advance, because there are only 2-3 hours per day when we can enjoy the beaches there before they get lapped by tides.