Thung Nai

Thung Nai impresses anyone who sees it from the very first time with the harmonious combination

Desde la presa

Mientras que los nombres tales como Hoa Tien cueva, Phi Tien cueva, Mai Chau valle, Hoa Binh hydroelectric

Kim Boi Hot spring

For those who want to take a day off after long tiring journeys, Kim Boi Hot

Mai Chau

One of Hoa Binh’s districts, Mai Chau is noted for its beautiful scenery as a mountainous

Tien Phi Cave

After visiting Hoa Binh Dam, tourists should never miss the chance to go to Tien Phi

Hoa Binh Presa

La característica más conocida de Hoa Binh Hoa Binh es la presa con fines hidroeléctricos. Construction on