Guide de Voyage Hai Phong

Thanks to its convenient location for transportation via road network, railway, sea ports and inland waterway, Haiphong occupies a strategic economic position of Vietnam.

Hai Phong Port.

Hai Phong Port.

Situé 120 km to the East of Hanoi Capital, Haiphong, is one of the most developed coastal cities in the country with many natural heritages and charming landscapes. Haiphong shares borders with Quang Ninh province to the north, Hai Duong province to the west and Thai Binh province to the South. The Bach Long Vi Island, which belongs to the city administration, is located in the middle of the Tonkin Gulf.

The topography of Haiphong is diverse, reflecting the long and complicated historical geological process. The northern part of Haiphong has plains alternated with hills, while the southern part of the city has a low and flat terrain of a typical delta inclining to the sea.

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